Environmental Protection Department - Enhanced Import and Export Control on Waste Plastics in Hong Kong
Following Basel Convention Plastic Waste Amendments which took effect on 1 January 2021, Hong Kong has implemented an enhanced waste plastics import and export control on the same date. Any person who imports, exports or re-exports "regulated waste plastics" (see Note) into, from or via Hong Kong must apply for the relevant waste import/export permit in accordance with the Waste Disposal Ordinance, Cap 354 (WDO) or obtain consent from the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) in advance. As for importing, exporting or re-exporting "non-regulated waste plastics" into, from or via Hong Kong, a declaration form and relevant documents should be submitted to the EPD in advance for record purposes. This is to prove that the planned transboundary shipment does not fall into the category and requirements of the aforementioned "regulated waste plastics".

Such an arrangement will help enhance the control and efficiency of the import, export and re-export of waste plastics. It will also help reduce the trade members' risk of violating the laws of the places of import, export or transit (including laws of Hong Kong), resulting in repatriation of the waste plastics or being prosecuted. Details on how to make a declaration and Hong Kong’s waste plastics import and export control are available from EPD’s website below, https://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/english/environmentinhk/waste/guide_ref/guide_wiec_tcs6.html
In collaboration with the Customs and Excise Department, EPD would inspect import, export and re-export shipments. Anyone who commits an offence under the WDO will be prosecuted where sufficient evidence exists. Illegal waste plastic shipments intercepted will be repatriated to the place of origin. Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of HK$200,000 and 6 months’ imprisonment for the first offence; and a fine of HK$500,000 and 2 years’ imprisonment for subsequent offences.

If your operations are under the above mentioned enhanced waste plastics import and export control, please duly follow the declaration / consent / permit application requirements.  Please share  information on the enhanced control with your business partners, including overseas shippers, consignees, forwarders and local plastic waste recyclers.  For enquiries, please contact us at tel.: (852) 2835 2311 or by e-mail: wasteimportandexport@epd.gov.hk.
Chris CHOI
Environmental Protection Officer
Environmental Protection Department