About ECMA

In 1987, 5 CEOs of competing companies in the environmental services business found that they had one and the same dream: to create a fraternity which would bring together the then segmented environmental services sector into an industry that would be recognized as a professional entity. They were:

Catherine Yan Centuryan Services Ltd.
Eric Wong Electrolux Services (HK) Ltd.
Brian Harper Initial Environmental Services Ltd.
Douglas Creighton Midland Waste International Ltd.
Terence Brewster Reliance Services Co. Ltd.

The Environmental Contractors Management Association was thus founded that year, with about 10 member companies. Membership has subsequently increased to around 40 and is growing steadily.

Through the hard work of its office bearers and active members over the years, the association has gradually established itself as a professional body and an efficient communication channel with government acting in the interests and for the needs and development of its members and the environmental services industry in Hong Kong.